Jeff Jorgensen

Coach & Owner


Jeff started out as a coach in 1979 and then purchased the gym in 1984. He has coached many gymnasts who have gone on to compete in national competitions. Now, as an Amerikids registered coach, he specializes in assisting young gymnasts and cheerleaders learning new skills and perfecting current ones.

Tom Boman



Tom has been coaching at Corner House for over 20 years and has watched his youngest, Arlyn, excel in the sport. Tom is a registered coach and judge with Amerikids.


Preschool instructor


Angie started teaching preschool gymnastics classes in the mid 1980s. She works full time at Child Serve where she assists children with special needs.



Jim Newsom



Jim has watched both children excel in the sport of gymnastics as students of Corner House Gymnastics. He has coached generations of family members in the sport of gymnastics and is also a registered coach and judge through Amerikids. Jim travels throughout the state of Iowa and to Nebraska to assist in judging competitions for other Amerikids registered gyms.